Seef Pannel Leggings Dubai Gloaming


Master laid back chic in these cool leggings. Featuring a side pannel of high performance black power mesh as well as RUNA’S statement digital print. Wear with our unisex sweatshirt or t-shirt for an off duty look.


Rune Description

Attractive and open to love.

Be open and ready to love and kindness from the world and others! The rune featured in our Dubai Gloaming print on a warm and inviting red background represents that the wearer is attractive and open to love. When worn the wearer shows to the world that their aura is attractive to others and they are ready to embrace the love that comes their way.

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Product Description

Dubai Gloaming print leggings is a beautiful and functional garment for every occasion. Perfect for fitness, running or yoga, these leggings are equally irreplaceable for family walks or shopping. Comfortable waist, optimized length and modern low-maintenance fabric.

For those who seek harmony and sources of inspiration we create a special meaningful design of rune patterns.

Dubai Gloaming print features runes, which uncover your attractiveness and make you open for love and new opportunities.

You know what you want and you are on the right track towards your goal. Dubai Gloaming will help you find hidden opportunities and seek new sources of strength, inspiration and love.

Open up for love and new emotions with Runa clothing.

Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large

Size desc.

Small: inseam – 76 cm, waist- 50 cm.
Medium: inseam – 77 cm, waist – 55 cm.
Large: inseam – 78 cm, waist – 62 cm.


Fabric structure – 100% lycra and 100% viscose (mesh pannel).
Care – hand wash only


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