Seef Leggings Dubai Dawn


Beautifully detailed digitl print leggings with colour block back give you the perfect skin tight look with a casual elegance. They stop just above the ankle.



Rune Description

Attract peace and protection.

Be able to bring  peace of mind, conservation and mindfulness ofoneself, to the world. The rune featured in our Dubai Dawn print represents that the wearer is attracting Peace and Protection. When worn the wearer hopes to bring peace of mind and a security of oneself.

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Product Description

Dubai Dawn leggings. Tight, with a comfortable high waist and length above the ankle. A unique design with the digital print lets the leggings to wear not only for sports, but also as a casual garment for every day.

Dubai Dawn print is the pattern with runes, which attract peace and provide protection.

Wearing Seef Leggings Dubai Dawn for the yoga class, you will feel a special inner harmony, peace and tranquility. You will achieve everything, and nothing will stop you if you radiate self-confidence and feel inner protection.

Runa clothing is what you are on the outside and the inside.

Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large

Size desc.

Small: inseam – 76 cm, waist- 50 cm.
Medium: inseam – 77 cm, waist – 55 cm.
Large: inseam – 78 cm, waist – 62 cm.


Fabric structure – 100% lycra.
Care – hand wash only.


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