Cayan Unisex T-shirt Dubai Twilight


This beautiful loose fit unisex t-shirt with drop shoulder will be perfect all year round. Made from cotton jersey it is soft enough to lounge in and featuring our classic digital print inclluding runes. You can dress up or down, wear at home lounging or wear for a night out.


Rune Description

I am happy, balanced and in harmony.

Become happy, balanced and in harmony with the world. The rune featured in our Dubai Twilight Print represents that the wearer is happy with oneself, balenced in mind and is also in harmony with the world. When worn the wearer radiates they they are happy, balenced and in harmony.

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Product Description

The t-shirt from Dubai Twilight collection. Natural cotton and one size that fits all make this garment suitable for every life occasion. The specially designed print Dubai Twilight does not only make clothing beautiful, but also conveys the meaning hidden in the runes.

Dubai Twilight is the designer wear with digital print featuring the rune that conveys the meaning of happiness and harmony.

What fills your life with harmony and light? Find that important something that makes you happy every day. Morning meditation in Cayan Unisex T-shirt Dubai Twilight will help you discover new sources of self-awareness.

  1. Wear the t-shirt in a wonderful lazy morning of your day-off to imprint the feel of harmony and joy from the routines you are used to.
  2. Remember this feel and bring it over into the dynamic rhythm of every work day.
  3. You’ll find new strength and energy.
  4. You’ll feel joy about everything that happens to you.
  5. You’ll see harmony in everything.

In Runa, we produce clothing that helps to seek new ways to achieve your goals.

Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large

Size desc.

Small: legnth – 62.5 cm, shoulders – 44 cm, bust – 91 cm.
Medium: legnth – 64 cm, shoulders – 45.5 cm, bust – 94 cm.
Large: legnth – 65 cm, shoulders – 47.5 cm, bust – 103 cm.


Fabric structure – cotton/viscose mix.
Care – hand wash only.


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