Cayan Unisex T-shirt Dubai Gloaming


This beautiful loose fit unisex t-shirt with drop shoulder will be perfect all year round. Made from cotton jersey it is soft enough to lounge in and featuring our classic digital print inclluding runes. You can dress up or down, wear at home lounging or wear for a night out.


Rune Description

Attractive and open to love.

Be open and ready to love and kindness from the world and others! The rune featured in our Dubai Gloaming print on a warm and inviting red background represents that the wearer is attractive and open to love. When worn the wearer shows to the world that their aura is attractive to others and they are ready to embrace the love that comes their way.

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Product Description

A natural cotton unisex t-shirt for everyday wearers is part of Dubai Gloaming collection. The t-shirt features a specially designed print of a rune which fits the pattern harmoniously and carries the major meaning.

Dubai Gloaming is the print with the rune that uncovers your attractiveness and makes you open for love and new opportunities.

Every morning you start a new day with new hopes and ideas. And every day brings you closer to your utmost goal. Don’t miss another sign send to you by the life itself and having the potential to become symbolic for you. Only after revealing your ability to see these signs, you’ll discover your own self and the world around you full of love.

Wear the Dubai Gloaming t-shirt in the morning, after waking up when you are on your way to the kitchen to cook a healthy breakfast. Look out of the window and regardless of the weather feel that nature is part of you.

Wear the Dubai Gloaming t-shirt when you go on your evening run, trust in your exclusive attractiveness, strength and ability to reach an incredible success. Because the whole world with its opportunities now and in every moment of your life is open for you.

We produce clothing for you, which opens up your inner potential and brings you closer to the main goal of your life – being happy every day.

Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large

Size desc.

Small: legnth – 62.5 cm, shoulders – 44 cm, bust – 91 cm.
Medium: legnth – 64 cm, shoulders – 45.5 cm, bust – 94 cm.
Large: legnth – 65 cm, shoulders – 47.5 cm, bust – 103 cm.


Fabric structure – cotton/viscose mix.
Care – hand wash only.


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