Unisex Wear

There’s nothing better for a yoga session or a workout than a comfortable unisex T-shirt or sweatshirt perfectly tailored for both men and women, indoors and outdoors. Why not share your sweatshirt with your significant other?

Regardless of your daily routine, it is paramount that nothing distracts you from your goal. Be it a relaxing evening walk, a morning meditation, or a full body workout to make you stronger and more attractive—you should always feel in harmony with yourself.

To help all your dreams come true we created designs that tell a story. Each print is a unique visual message bringing harmony to your life and reflecting your inner self.

Choose a rune print for each day and each moment in your life

  • Are you happy on this beautiful morning of a new day going for a run, savoring the fresh air, and listening to the melody of wind that accompanies you today? Wear a T-shirt from the Dubai Twilight collection.

    Dubai Twilight is a designer digital print line featuring the rune of harmony and happiness.

  • When the change is in the air, when the world is full of love and you are ready to embrace it—this is the moment to take a walk in your Dubai Gloaming sweatshirt.

    Dubai Gloaming is a rune print that unravels your charm and opens you to love and everything new.

  • Are you in that place in your life when your first priorities are peace, harmony, and human connection? Do you feel the need to keep you and yours safe? Dubai Dawn and Dubai Eclipse collections are the best pick for your meditations to this end.

    Dubai Dawn and Dubai Eclipse feature rune prints that brings peace and protection.

Comfortable unisex wear with prints that reflect your state of mind, your thoughts, and your philosophy of life is designed to help you overcome all challenges on your way to health, happiness, and self-awareness.