Fashion Influences & Fashion Faux Pas

Hello,   This time I thought I would share with you my ultimate fashion influences and some of my past fashion blunders!   Growing up, I always appreciated and admired Vivienne Westwood, but really who doesn’t! I loved (and still do) they way she is able to express her views of the contemporary world through [...]

Behind-the-Scenes Design Inspiration

Hello,   I thought I would give you a sneak peak behind the ideas and inspiration that has helped shaped the Runa brand. I wanted to contribute to the world not just pretty, comfortable and trendy active wear.  I wanted to create something which I believe also helps people gain confidence, health and happiness from [...]

Who is Xsenia?

Hello, Welcome to the new and improved Runa website! I thought I would introduce myself and give you a little background in the coming posts about what inspires my designs and me. So, shall we begin? I was born in St Petersburg, Russia but didn’t live there very long. My first years were spent travelling [...]