This time I thought I would share with you my ultimate fashion influences and some of my past fashion blunders!


Growing up, I always appreciated and admired Vivienne Westwood, but really who doesn’t! I loved (and still do) they way she is able to express her views of the contemporary world through fashion – she is always on the pulse of what’s going on and what is important to people.

Another influence for me is Stella McCartney. I admire her focus and determination – she was one of the first designers to create fashionable sporty clothing. Not only this, Stella sticks to her principles when it comes to her designs and doesn’t use any leather or fur and supports PETA.

When it comes to colourways, creative flair and ‘wow’ factor – I always look to Peter Pilotto. Their use of colour and prints is always versatile and fresh – a great way to glam up a dreary wardrobe!


When it comes to visualising the different patterns, colours and designs for Runa, it helped for me to have a celebrity or style icon in mind. For me, Kate Hudson represents a positive, healthy and strong lifestyle, while not being too serious. She has a feminine edge, but has a strength that I see reflected in contemporary women – that for me is the embodiment of Runa.

That being said, I haven’t always had the best ‘creative’ moments. During my first year of studying at Central Saint Martins it was my first time trying to create designs with prints. I went ballistic – I wanted to put prints on everything I could imagine! Needless to say, it didn’t go well.

A clear lesson I learned is that not all patterns/prints go together and wearing prints that clash can make you look like you tore your living room curtains down to make trousers like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind – less is definitely more!


Have a look through the website and browse the perfectly balanced prints and patterns in my collection.


See you soon!