I thought I would give you a sneak peak behind the ideas and inspiration that has helped shaped the Runa brand.
I wanted to contribute to the world not just pretty, comfortable and trendy active wear.  I wanted to create something which I believe also helps people gain confidence, health and happiness from working out, looking good, and having a healthy lifestyle. Above all, I believe that you must work with your spirit as well, it needs training as we train our body in order to have harmony and balance in everything.


The idea and belief behind my designs is, you can’t achieve happiness by only looking good – you need to feel happy inside as well. With the help of my partner, a professor of ancient symbolism, we put special ancient symbols within the pattern of the designs to help motivate your inner being.

There are different positive messages from love to feeling confident, I know in my own life experience that without these you don’t fully live and your body reacts to this by trying to give you signals. In order to create my designs each season I build a narrative around a different country. I don’t plan it, but it just so happens that a country inspires the prints and I then build the symbols into the designs themselves.

After some of my own life changing events, I got the message clearly. I decided to choose life and be alive, there is always a choice for you to be happy or not, no matter what the circumstances are.

I started my own journey by doing yoga, meditations, studying psychology; I even explored coaching and regression therapies. I went on different courses, ashrams and even met the Dalai Lama face-to-face on my journey before I then started to study the teachings of Tony Robbins.

I see Runa wearers are people who strive for greatness – no, they want to be outstanding! Runa wearers understand that harmony in everything, especially yourself, is the key to achieving amazing results in life. I love seeing my designs on busy women or professional mums – but also anyone that is committed to having a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Catch up with me next time, where I explain my fashion influences and my fashion faux pas.


Speak to you soon!