Welcome to the new and improved Runa website! I thought I would introduce myself and give you a little background in the coming posts about what inspires my designs and me.

So, shall we begin?

I was born in St Petersburg, Russia but didn’t live there very long. My first years were spent travelling with my parents to major ports around Russia, as my father used to be a captain on a submarine.

I first went to university in Moscow, studying international business and administration. Whilst I was studying I worked in fashion houses such as Valentin Udashkin, Slava Zaitzev and Olga Romina, which got me ready to study at Central Saint Martins in London.

I had always been interested in fashion. When I was young I would sew gloves and aprons and sell them in order to pay for my art school. I learned from a young age from my family that you have to work hard in order to gain something.

I entered my dream college in 2005 whilst also working for Giles Deacon, Vivienne Westwood and Agatha Louise de la Prada. Being at Central Saint Martins was a tough and interesting experience; I realized I needed to have a strong core if I wanted to survive, but that’s just how it is in the fashion industry. Not only was I gaining knowledge regarding the basics of fashion design, e.g. drawing but I also learned so much regarding the business side of the industry.

I then established my first company in Moscow, ‘Puzzle’, which participated in fashion weeks in Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris, London and Vancouver.

After some time, I decided it was time to establish my own company here in the UK: Runa.

So many designers are beginning to realize the potential for sportswear. It’s a big sector, with the growth of premium sportswear being apart of the overall ‘wellness’ trend aimed at women. Designs are now not just aimed at the gym-goers, but for women doing the school run, tanning errands, meeting friends – there is a demand for stylish activewear that’s also highly functional. It is replacing the jean culture, which is an exciting time to be apart of.

Catch up with me next time, where I explain the history and inspiration behind my unique designs – something that is very personal to me.

See you later!